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Cost of "Designed by CmSimpleWebsites"  link removal is $49 USD . IMPORTANT:   Please type in the box below your website URL  eg: www.  for our records of who has paid, remember this is a one off payment, once paid feel free to use any of CmSimpleWebsites templates on this website and you can remove our links but remember you can only remove our links for that one URL. If you wish to purchace another domain name and create a new website using CmSimpleWebsites templates you need to buy another licence for that domain name. Thank you from cmsimplewebsites designs. If you wish to purchace a licence all payments will be made using Paypal.

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Cmsimple is now released under GPL3, so feel free to remove the "powered by cmsimple" link in our templates. However do not remove "Designed By CmSimpleWebsites.com" unless you purchase a link removal licence from our website.


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